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COBIT® 2019 Foundation

Master COBIT framework for effective IT governance and management.
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Here is what we will cover in this course

Introduction to the COBIT Framework

Get acquainted with the fundamental concepts and components of the COBIT framework.

COBIT Principles

Explore the guiding principles that underpin effective governance and management of enterprise IT.

Governance System and Components

Understand the components that constitute a robust IT governance system.

Governance and Management Obectives

Learn about the objectives that ensure alignment between IT and business goals.

Performance Management

Dive into methods for measuring and assessing the performance of IT processes and controls.

Designing a Tailored Governance System

Discover how to customize the COBIT framework to suit specific organizational needs.

The COBIT Business Case

Explore the rationale and benefits of implementing COBIT within an enterprise.

Implementing COBIT

Gain insights into the practical steps and considerations for implementing COBIT effectively.
Patrick Jones - Course author
meet the instructor

Allen Ureta

Allen Ureta is a seasoned tech leader in cybersecurity, digital transformations, and Agile methods. With a finance and government background, he's a respected author, advisor, and instructor. His expertise shows in advising top institutions and government agencies, while as a CMMC Instructor, he nurtures future cybersecurity pros.