CMMC series

Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) Exam Prep

Attain CMMC Excellence: Qualify Expertise, Protect the DIB, Get Certified.
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Here is what we will cover in this course

Managing risk within the Defense Supply Chain

Learn to navigate risk factors specific to the defense supply chain environment.

Handling sensitive information

 Acquire skills in managing and safeguarding sensitive information in compliance with CMMC.

Ensuring compliance through CMMC

Understand the CMMC framework and its role in achieving compliance.

Performing CCP Responsibilities

Discover the responsibilities integral to a Certified CMMC Professional's role.

Scoping Certification and Assessment Boundaries

Gain insights into defining scope and assessment boundaries for CMMC certification.

Preparing the Organization Seeking Certification

Learn how to ready an organization for the CMMC certification process.

Determining and Assessing Evidence

Master the art of evidence determination and assessment within CMMC context.

Implementing and Evaluating Level 1

Explore the implementation and evaluation of CMMC Level 1 requirements.

Identifying Level 2 Practices

Dive into the specifics of identifying and applying CMMC Level 2 requirements.

Working through an Assessment

Understand the process and considerations involved in undergoing a CMMC assessment.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the instructor

Allen Ureta

Allen Ureta is a seasoned tech leader in cybersecurity, digital transformations, and Agile methods. With a finance and government background, he's a respected author, advisor, and instructor. His expertise shows in advising top institutions and government agencies, while as a CMMC Instructor, he nurtures future cybersecurity pros.